Stressed Out At The Thought Of
Creating Your Adoption Video?

Creating an adoption video doesn't have to be hard or scary!


Adoption Video Creation

Create a high quality adoption video to stand out from the crowd

Do You Need A Video
But Not Sure Where To Start?

Creating an adoption video can seem overwhelming and incredibly difficult, but it doesn't have to the be that way.

It can be as simple as sitting down with an outline with your smart phone in front of a window and hitting record.

You can make it even better by sharing clips from friends and family as testimonials, clips of your every day life and even a few photos.

Then simply upload the video to google drive and get a professionally edited video returned to you!

Creating an Adoption Video Doesn't Have To Be Hard...

We take care of the tech you focus on matching with expectant parents.

Simple Process 
Follow the outline provided and insert information about your family

Gather Images and Videos
Give your story life and personality through the images and videos you share

Get Family and Friends In On the Process Easily
Give your family and friends easy to answer questions that only require a few minutes in a well lit area to complete

Upload your content
We take care of all the tech and provide you a professionally edited video that you can share with expectant parents 

Brittany T

Adoptive Mom

My Adoption Coach does an amazing job of breaking down the process step-by-step to help you take action.

Get A Beautiful Adoption Video
That Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd!

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